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Alison DeNicola

Namaste! I bow to the light within you.

Welcome to Alison DeNicola Yoga - Wellness - Wisdom. It is my mission to share the gifts of yoga, meditation, healing, and wellness coaching with those who feel the call to action. There is a serious need and desire in our world today for peace and healing. Together through intention and practice, we have the opportunity to meet our own individual needs as well as the needs of our larger collective.   I am thrilled you’ve stopped by to check out my offerings and encourage you to reach out for authentic connection, group practice, wellness, and creative coaching, energy & sound healing, or private instruction. The light within me honors the light within you! Namaste.

Alison DeNicola Yoga and Healing Services


 Yoga & Meditation

Yoga offerings range from restorative and gentle practice to a more reflective moderate yoga instruction. Group and individual classes are focused on mindful practice incorporating breathwork, asana and guided relaxation utilizing sound, essential oils and mindful intention
practices. The guided practices of seated meditation and yoga nidra created the wonderful space for calming the mind, resetting the systems of the body and creating a space of deep inner peace.

Shamanic wisdom from India 🇮🇳 #feather

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a profound yet subtle way to shift energy and awareness. Through my own study, experience and practice, I have deepened my ability assist in the process of energetic release, intuitive guidance and creating space for change. To my delight, this process keeps growing stronger and more powerful for the recipient as time moves on. Please connect with me for energy work if you are ready to move forward in a meaningful and supported way.


Creative Coaching

Do you have a creative idea ready to emerge?  It is with appreciation of the creative spark within all of us that I am now offering creative coaching sessions. Getting the creative idea from thought into action, developing the concept and finding the outlet are all huge hurdles to our creative manifestation. Understanding the challenges of the creative process, I am happy to offer my services as a coach for creative project manifestation using practical and inspirational techniques.


Health & Wellness Coaching

Alison DeNicola offers private sessions and packages to support individuals who are ready to take the powerful step to more vibrant health and overall wellness.
Please reach out for a FREE health and wellness session (30 minutes). Alison is committed to assisting others through an effective combination of wellness coaching and energy healing and realignment.

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