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Gratitude for your interest!

My journey on this path began over 20 years ago with an intense curiosity and desire to learn the healing arts, divination, meditation, and yoga. Though I have traveled down many different learning paths over that time, teaching yoga and leading guided meditation became a foundation of my practice. Like many lifetime learners, I have explored certifications in many different modalities that support my personal mission: Assisting others to awaken their own innate self-healing ability and unique gifts to live their BEST life. Those additional studies include hypnotherapy, shamanic and angelic healing, chakra therapy and coaching, goddess and elemental healing, various mind/body modalities including therapeutic restorative, yin, mudras, belief work and feather healing work. I am inspired to bring these teachings into my classes, workshops and intentional travel retreats as a blending of wisdom and practical tools All these studies have assisted my path as an author partnering with incredibly talented artists like Sabina Espinet, David Scheirer, Christine Zillich and Dhira Lawrence.



  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body 

  • Mudras for Awakening the Five Elements

  • Divine Feather Messenger

  • Nature and Soul Yoga Wisdom

  • Infinite Wisdom of the Chakras

  • Auspicious Symbols for Luck and Healing

Alison DeNicola Smiling and Wearing a Burgandy Blazer

Leading retreats locally, regionally, and internationally is extremely rewarding and dynamic. I am honored to create the space for personal transformation, renewal and cultural immersion. Group travel and community is one remedy for the stress of our modern life. I'd love to hear from you- please feel free to message me with questions or comments about classes, card decks or upcoming trips and workshops.


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