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Alison DeNicola Yoga and Healing Offerings

Connect to the divine energy within and all around you!


Yoga & Meditation

The path to the self is through the heart!

My path through yoga and meditation continues to unfold. The more I teach, the more I discover. It is my honor to teach restorative, gentle and moderate yoga practice filled with intention and light. Come to group class or schedule your own private class or group to awaken the light and energy within you. Check out my current weekly schedule and list of special events and workshops for more options. Please message me if you would like to schedule a private group or instruction.

Restorative sound healing clears and res

Energy & Sound Healing

Restore balance and deep peace in the subtle body.

Energy healing offerings include chakra clearing and shamanic healing sessions which utilize feathers, crystals, stones , sound and guided journeying to rebalance and harmonize the energy body. Also offering master level IET energy healing using angelic vibration to clear and realign the cellular DNA on all levels. These individual healing sessions are transformational. Please message me to book your session

Gyan Mudra

Special Events

Inspiring offerings for all levels of practice.

I have been gifted with the opportunity to share teachings in the form of workshops, sounds healing groups and teacher training intensives. It is my sincere passion to share accessible and inspired ways to shift body & energy through larger group classes. Please visit my upcoming events page for a current listing and feel free to message me to book your own small group events, meditations and healing sessions.

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