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Tune up your elemental energy to let go of imbalance and move into joy!

Free Guide for Awakening Women

Tune Up Your Elemental Energy

 In this FREE GUIDE you will learn how to:

Connect to your Earth Element to feel more grounded and calm

Dive into your Water Element and invite more receptivity

Ignite your Fire Element and grow more inspired and focused

Open your Air Element and expand your heart

Tap into your Space Element and enhance your intuitive senses


Discover how to work with your elemental energy so that you can feel calm, balanced and aligned. The best part of this guide is that you use the practices and feel the results right away!


Alison DeNicola

My name is Alison DeNicola and it is my mission to share positive practices for self-healing and empowerment. I know you will feel the results of this elemental tune up in your body, mind and spirit.

Love and Light, Alison

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